11 Reasons Why Organisations Use Project Management

Projects are managed to ensure successful outcomes are achieved in a predictable and consistent manner, within the relative constraints. The project manager has the competency and capability to drive the project to its destination and achieve its outcomes. Management use initiative and focus as a skill to meet project objectives and coach others to achieve the required goals also via certain types of initiative. Listed below are 11 reasons why organisations use Project Management.

1. Increased understanding of the project and its purpose
2. Clarification and alignment with organisational goals
3. Ability to define and control project scope
4. Prioritisation of functional and project activities
5. Ability to identify, monitor and track milestones
6. Accurate projection of resource requirements
7. Capability and mechanisms to measure performance
8. Improved assessment and mitigation of project risks
9. Improved communication amongst project participants
10. Identification and communication of problem areas
11. Clear assignment of responsibilities