Today the Hon. Gayle Tierney, Minister for Training and skills, launched the Victorian Government’s Workforce Training Innovation Fund (WTIF). The fund provides grants to provide real training for real jobs to solve future skill shortages and training needs in growing Industries within Victoria. The launch, hosted at Built & MAB’s Elm & Stone NewQuay Construction Site in the Docklands, introduces the fund and its goal to give Industry a say in the training being delivered, to create a more productive workforce and ensuring existing workers and students looking to enter the construction and building industry have the skills they need.

Exner Education has partnered up with spatial gamification specialist Real Serious Games (RSG), along with their wider team Built, Melbourne University, Safety Journey, AECOM, Holmesglen Institute and Federation University Australia used their awarded funds to develop The Maker Immersion Kit, a fully deployable, technology enhanced Kit for the Cert IV in Building and Construction. The Maker Immersion Kit includes a complete set of resources to train the next generation of builders. All resources are containerized within a shipping container for delivery to TAFEs and private RTOs anywhere in Victoria.  The program creates Immersive Learning by blending traditional face-to-face training with VR simulations and on-site opportunities to physically constructed pieces of infrastructure.  Leading to more engaged students and better learning outcomes.

Exner Education and RSG are proud to play such a pivotal role in the future of education in Victoria and a world first in accredited training.

Feature Image: Peter Exner & Hon. Gayle Tierney demonstrating the Construction VR Training 


Pictured above: The WTIF Maker Immersion Team  


Pictured above: Demonstration of  Room-scale Interactive VR Training Module