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Project Management & Business Systems Service

Prevention is the best cure. Make sure your project doesn’t under perform.

We understand the process of project management and know which systems are required.

Project Management Services

Exner’s team have worked extensively as project managers from the inception of a project, managing the ongoing progress and through to a completion program. Our project experience includes construction of heavy civil roads and bridges, Brownfield facilities such as Water Treatment plants and installation of telecommunications networks.

With our practical experience of Project Management covering construction planning and management, works execution, financial management and control, contractual management, variations and claims quantification, variation management and negotiation, claims and general contractual matters, project close & handover and liaise with diverse groups of stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • Contract Review, drafting and implementation
  • Scheduling and Programming
  • Design Management
  • Project or Construction Management

In addition, Exner has been involved in the management of numerous subcontractors. Direct labor including the development and finalisation of subcontract agreements has featured prominately in our business to date.

Exner understands that top project management aims to:

  • Maintain a good contractual relationship between all parties
  • Ensure the Principal is informed of issues as and when they occur
  • Ensure that each party receives fair treatment
  • Ensure that work gets carried out as safely and effectively as possible
  • Quick resolution of issues with minimal time and cost expense

By adhering to these principles, Exner ensures that the project is completed on time, on budget, to QA & environmental standards and strives for a harmonious & strong working relationship that is maintained between parties throughout the project.

Exner can undertake an external review of your project success; we can provide valuable information about whether performance targets are being achieved; if extra resources are required or if improvements can be made to the way the project is being managed. Sometimes it’s only a small issue that needs resolving to allow you to jump over the immediate hurdles to continue with the project.

Sometimes it’s only a small problem that needs to be resolved to get the project back on track. Our team has the ability to manage or simply ‘lend a hand’ to your projects when or if required.

Risk Management Programs
Our team has a special interest in the risk management function in the construction industry, with Collette Burke recently completing her PhD in Risk Management in Construction and designing Best Practice Risk Management plans to fit the current industry needs. The Exner team has since extended this PhD research in conducting further workshops, research papers and risk management projects.

Exner provide risk review programs that can be directed at a specific function within your business or more comprehensively, to cover all components of your business.

Our programs include:

  • Developing AS4360 : 2004 Risk Management Program
  • Review of current Risk Identification strategies
  • Determining further unidentified risks
  • Determining the risk plan to manage identified risks

Exner can provide risk assessment documentation including manuals, plans, reports and evaluation tools. We also provide customised training for your staff responsible for controlling the risk management function within your business.

The foundation of our expertise in this area extends from our extensive work in the construction industry as engineers, coupled with our experience in finance, business success and analysing business failure. Our Risk Management service is the most comprehensive in the business. Our evaluation brings an understanding of diverse industries and how risk is managed and mitigated most effectively in each situation.

Business Improvement/Quality Assurance/Governance Systems
Exner understands the many opportunities that exist to improve your business on financial and qualitative areas for building and construction organizations, through:

  • Governance Systems and Financial Reporting
  • Risk Management Legislative requirements
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business performance measurement
  • Staff performance measurement
  • Integrated Management Systems

Our services have included the design and implementation of Project Management Systems, Quality Assurance Systems and Environmental Systems. Often, substantial improvements will come from developing integrated Management and Quality Assurance Systems. These deal with all of the business, quality and management systems requirements as well as legislative requirements.

Business and System Auditing
Exner has a wealth of auditing experience from qualitative and quantitative perspectives. We can conduct:

  • Compliance Reviews
  • Internal Controls
  • Key Account Auditing

Our team has extensive Compliance Auditing experience in a wide range of industries. We have also been involved in the design and implementation of internal controls to achieve a variety of business objectives.

Exner undertakes key account auditing to examine financial data to verify that agreements and specifications have been met.

Let Exner help your organization get into shape for external audits and to assist your company to successfully complete the audit process.

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