Exner Consulting

Safety in design advice

From facilitation of Safety in Design workshops, through to fully managed solutions incorporating required aspects into the design. Our expertise ensures that the appropriate stakeholders have explored, considered and incorporated all collaborative determinations from non-financial stakeholders.


Exner can offer a team our expert resources in:

  • Diversity
  • Risk Profile assessment and management skills
  • Understanding of government project development strategies
  • Best Practice and latest knowledge development
  • Vast construction experience
  • Management skills in all project life cycle stages

Our clients seek to have scopes built for tight budgets, fast tracked timeframes and to meet a higher standard level and Value for Money outputs for entire projects.

Constructors normally lead their teams to deliver the project. They often rely on the designers and consultants to understand the issues and to coordinate with the other parties involved in the project. When problems occur, the resolution often falls onto the consultants to manage and resolve.
To deliver construction work to meet the overall objectives, the full scope of issues must be clearly understood. This is ranging from key objectives, procurement strategies, availability of materials, safety considerations, client issues, construction staging requirements, inclement weather, industrial issues, changes in expected conditions and time, quality and cost constraints.
While clients have experience and skills in this area of management, considerable time and resources can be wasted managing the interface between parties. As a result, it leaves less time to create value and innovation for the Client.
An intermediary should fulfill this role by working with the consultants, contractors and Clients, to ensure the competing forces (e.g. design development, constructability, scope growth and client satisfaction) are maximised.
Exner Engineering can act as an intermediary, with our diverse experience in design delivery, programming, construction delivery, financial management and Client liaison. Our expertise and advice coupled with an unbiased approach assists to draw parties closer together to complete works and close out issues more effectively.

Value for money