Why is it Important to Manage Projects?

Why is it Important to Manage Projects

Projects are managed to ensure successful outcomes are achieved in a predictable and consistent manner, within the relative constraints. The project manager has the competency and capability to drive the project to its destination and achieve its outcomes. Management use initiative and focus as a skill to meet project objectives and coach others to achieve the required goals also via certain types of initiative such as:

Focused Efforts

• Through planning and execution
• To reach a successful goal
• Project management

Examples of focused efforts include:

• Planning, financing, designing, building, opening or leasing institutional, commercial, industrial or infrastructure facilities
• Writing, producing, deploying books, plays, films
• Software development, distribution, deployment
• Research and development, new products, roll-out

The Objectives of Project Direction

• Ensure ultimate project success as judged by
• Ability of product(s) to deliver benefits
• Satisfy customers
• Within acceptable limits of scope, quality, time and cost
• Provide overall direction to the project
• Ensure all required inputs to the project process are assembled
• Manage project risks
• Manage the people involved
• Manage and commit the resources required
• Manage an effective change process
• Orchestrate decision-making
• Manage reporting and communication, including publicity
• Manage transfer of care, custody and control of product upon completion

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